Saturday, January 7, 2012

Caribbean Pix-Days 4 & 5


Barbados Soccer Stadium

Barbados Church

Another church

Beautiful valley

Lush greenery

Sugar cane fields overlooking the Caribbean Sea


Bathsheba Beach

Brain coral

Bathsheba Rock

St. John Parish Church

The view of our ship as we were about to reboard.
St. Kitt's (St. Christopher)

We have docked next to a Carnival ship.

St. Kitt's entrance

Carnival on the left, Emerald Princess to the right

The beautiful rainforest of Caribelle Batik

Gardens around Caribelle Batik

Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park

The cannons lookout over the Caribbean.
St. Nevis Island in the background.

The fort is located on the top of a 900 ft. volcano
 and was built with lava rock blocks 
and white limestone mortal located on site.
It took 104 years of slave labor to complete.

Heading back to the Emerald Princess

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