Thursday, January 19, 2012

Caribbean Pix-Day 6

Trafalgar Falls
twin falls-this one river fed
 this one rain fed
 Lush rainforests with 300 in./yr of rain
There was so much rain that they cancel all river activities, tubing and rafting.

Steaming sulfur springs

Dominica Botanical Gardens

Cannon ball tree

Aftermath of Hurricane David 1979
Bus crushed by falling palm tree.

Overlook of capital city of Roseau, Dominica

Roseau's soccer/cricket stadium

Road construction project

Beautiful mosaic steps at Spanney Falls 

Rainforest hike to Spanney Falls

Viewing platform at Spanney Falls

Spanney Falls

Hiking back out of the falls

Banana Tree

Dominica was used as the location for two of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Kubuli- Dominica's local brew

Waterfront port of Roseau

Dominica, known as the "Nature Island" of the Caribbean, was our favorite. Our guide said it was about 250 square miles with over 200 rivers and 300 inches of rain/year.  We experienced the rain, but loved all of the sights nature had to offer.

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