Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 7- Antigua

Entering Antigua's port

Carnival celebrates the abolishment of slavery 1834

Nelson's Dockyard was a British Naval base built in the 1800's in English Harbour.
It has been refurbished and is now a National Park and museum.

The buildings have been beautifully restored and some serve as hotels.

These winches were used to roll the ships onto their sides to remove the barnacles.

Many sailboats still gather in the harbor and they have a regatta during the summer.

Beautifully restored barracks that now serves as an inn.

Inside the barracks

The sailmaker and repair shop

Pathway gate light

Pylons that ships would tie to while in port.

This building now serves as a restaurant.

Beautifully refurbished interior

The view from Shirley Heights

Nelson's Dockyard from Shirley Heights

English Harbour (Dockyard to the right).  Note the alligator shape of the island.
An underwater cable with spikes that went from the alligator's leg to the shore could be raised to damage any encroaching enemy ships.

Shirley Heights signal house

We swam in the Caribbean at Turner Beach, one of 365 beaches on Antigua.

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  1. What beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing.